Engage your customers and attract new ones with daily status updates.


Build a following and promote your business with daily tweets.

Corporate Blogging

Create an informative resource for your customers with a corporate blog.

Linked In

Use your professional network to market your business and drive sales.


Initiate a video campaign to speak directly to your customers.

100% Canadian

We are proudly Canadian owned and operated. Consider our team your Social Media Marketing department. We only hire local, qualified talent to represent our clients.

Digital Marketing Talent

Our Online Marketing Specialists are university educated and extensively trained in social media marketing.

Monetize Social Media

Through advanced analytics, contests, and promotions we help monetize your social media campaign to put dollars in your pocket.

Elevate Social Branding

Take your social branding to new heights. We’ll help you increase your social footprint and create a recognizable brand.

Get Social!

Our clients always wish they had come to us sooner. Our Online Marketing Specialists understand what it takes to create a viral strategy and online brand awareness.

In 2013, our clients benefits from growth in several areas including:

  • Engagement 89% 89%
  • Reach 78% 78%
  • Loyalty 72% 72%

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